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dig_ht_choicesThese photo galleries are the choices made by our forum members as their favorite photos of various guys. What makes a photo a favorite? This is a personal matter and everyone has different tasts and likes and dislikes. It may be the pose, the look, the setting, the dress, the company, the model or just the twinkle in his eye that makes it your choice.
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dig_ht_wearNever has the phrase "the clothes make the man" been more important than when dressing to impress. And you do need to impress because first impressions are very important. And I don't care if it's a job interview, a first date or a holiday party, you need to put together the right outfit to for your occasion. We help with tips on jeans, shorts, undies and more.

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dig_ht_modelsHere we feature some of the better known models that made a name for themselves dropping their pants and showing off their undies for Calvin Klein. You know them well: Marky Mark Wahlberg and Travis Fiimmel. Who's the best? Take our poll. We look at a few other well known undies models and look at the trends in underwear over the years to the present time.
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dig_ht_fashion2What are the latest in hotdigs fashion? Our choices tend to define us. Join us in taking a look at sagging, pool and beach fashionwear as well as the models that make it all happen. In addition our photo galleries show examples of the fashion file trends in vogue today. Your own style is often the best style since it is original and it is a look that makes you feel and look good.
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dig_ht_accessoriesAccessories make the look yours! We give you the lowdown on accessories that matter: hats and caps, jewelry and belts and belt buckles. In addition we give the facts you need to shop for gold jewelry. Learn what's in and what's out. And we back this up with photo galleries to clearly show what we mean and to illustrate what's available.

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