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A Dozen Coming Out True Stories

Here are a dozen coming out true stories that we hope you will enjoy over at our True Stories blog on We're looking for your coming out story and ...

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Growing Up Gay

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Even as a young boy, Eric always felt that he was different.It took him a long time to understand that he was gay, and, then, to tell others. "I had ...

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Coming Out: The Inner War

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by Curtis (Dragoon1000) PART ONE: CLOSETED FEELINGSWell, my coming out story is quite convoluted and filled with a number of emotional twists and turns: read on and discover the ...

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MOM: "Why no girlfriend?"

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MOM: "Why no girlfriend?" Dropped Hints -Part 1 Some of our forum members have been dropping hints to parents and others that they might be gay. One of the common questions seems ...

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ChadzBoyz Guide to Coming Out

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ChadzBoyz Guide to Coming Out You are out to yourself and have finally admitted you are gay. You don't need to go any further and there is no rush to come ...

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Coming Out Tips for All Occasions

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Coming Out Tips by TomxSawyer Coming out to Family and Friends Coming out has to be the most scariest time in a gay teens life, but I'm going to try and give you ...

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I'm Gay


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Coming Out - How do I do it?

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How Do I Do It? You've thought about it a lot. So - you're sure you are gay. Now what? It might help to tell somebody. You don't have to do this ...

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Mom Supports Gay Son

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The following is a very moving letter written by Sharon Underwood, the mother of a gay teen son in Vermont.   A must read for all teen LGBT youth! Thank God ...

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MOM: "Why no girlfriend?"

Dropped Hints -Part 1

Some of our forum members have been dropping hints to parents and others that they might be gay. One of the common questions seems to be: "Why don't you have a girlfriend?" Here are some of the parental (and others)  interactions shared by some of our forum members as they attempt to drop hints. Enjoy!

Have a "dropped hints" story of your own? Email us and we'll add it to Part 2 of Dropped Hints

Ok, so I was sitting with my parents watching an episode of planet earth, and when it got to the part where the dolphins were courting and mating, my mom says "see, the buffest guys get the girls......or the boys." ^:)^ :pinch: :?: I'm not techinically out to either of them yet, but they pretty much figured it out on their own. And they keep hinting at it or dropping hints like that. (N)


I've had my parents and some relatives drop clues like that... but their a LOT more direct.
My Uncle (who is my mother's brother's partner) didn't even say a word to me about even the chance of me being gay. However, I opened a package one morning sent to me by him and it contained a HUGE amount of gay porn.... L)


Then when I was having breakfast with my mom she said
"Have any girlfriends?"
Me: "Nope"
Mom: "Boyfriends"
Me "HUH!!??" :-b 'facepalm' "Mooommmm!!"
Mom: "mmhhhmmmmm, finish that orange juice before you leave sweetie" (A)


Both my parents have done that too..but I didn't feeling getting into it so it was like
I've gotten pretty good at stoping conversations when I want to Smile (R)


My parents and friends are completley oblivious at dropping hints, but I have done it heaps of times.

In Art, looking at a magazine:
Friend: Wow, look at all these guys wearing briefs, don't you just want to snuggle in those arms.
Me: Yeh.
Friend: Wow, their surrisingly good for bonds.

Constantly everytime I see a cute guy:

Me: Look at him over there, doesn't his fetures look good on him.
Friend: I think his hands are a little too big for his body.
At a dinner party.
Friend: Come on, I saw you flirting with her.
Me: Trust me, I would, in no way shape or form, flirt with her.
See, and yet they still havent picked up on it. I think one will though, she's really close. (R)


"Ohhhh Lewis is she your girlfriend?"
"Oh. Why not?"
"Oh ok. Well. Why don't you have a girlfriend? You're not THAT ugly."
"Thanks mum." (I)


I only have to do this with people who don't already know (or haven't figured it out yet).

"Oooh isn't she niice?"
"Why you no like her?" (he's Brazilian)
"She doesn't have a penis."

He got it after that. (E)


mum: what ever happaned to that girl you went out with? jane?
me: yeah, she's now called john
mum: but johns a guys na.....

yeah we turned each other, seems i turned her for a total 360 tho lol

and way before that

mum: I swear if you don't get a girlfriend in the next year I swear you're gay!
me: ...

yeah that was like a month after me and "jane" broke up and i was 18 then, now 21 lol. (K)


My mom's an idiot; can't stand her most times. She constantly says ... I'll just play along with the quotes :P
Her: "When are you gonna get a girlfriend?"
Me: "I don't even like myself, why do I need a girlfriend?"

Her: "When are you gonna get a girlfriend."
Me: "When I grow up, but now they're nothing but trouble."

Her: "When are you you gonna get a girlfriend? (Notice the question doesn't change)
Me: "I think white girls look better than most blacks... my school is predominantly Black and Hispanic."

Her: "Are you taking a girl to the prom?
Me: "...."

She said "a girl". Not "who are you taking to the prom?"
Yet, I aways talk about having a wife and how these celebs (women) are hot.
I know I confuse the hell out of her. (O)


My mother is blunt.

"Are you gay?"
"Are you sure?"
"Um, yea."
"Ok." (F)


I go to the nurse at school because I have a headache.

Her:Hey whats up hun.
Me:Headache can I get some Advil or something.
Her:Let me check your file, come with me.
*Grabs the file and takes me into the back examination office and closes the door*
Her: Are you Gay?
Me: Umm yeah?
*She never looked at my file but, just looks through her file booklet.* (X)


I think my parents are completely clueless - they never say anything about boys, but it's scary how much they go on about girls.

[in hotel room in quebec] "Paul, I think you should go next door, I think I can hear some girls!"
[still in quebec] "Paul, want to go down to the hot tub? There might be some girls!"
[upon reaching hot tub and finding it full of guys] "Oh, sorry Paul - no girls!"

And then my mom warns me to "Stay away from those girls!"
And I'm just like, "Don't worry..." Undecided (P)


Never from my parents.
They just dont talk about that stuff.
My mom knows, and Im pretty sure my dad does to so whenever I go out my mom looks at me and is like
"Now be careful!"

At my aunts place leaving for a party.
Uncle: Dont get too drunk!
Me: I cant make any promises
Uncle: And make sure you stay away from the girls
Aunt: And even further away from the boys!!
Me: ah, not a problem.

While watching some family swim with one of my older cousins who I never see
Cousin: So do you have a girlfriend now?
Me: nope
Cousin: what about boyfriends?
Me: ahh, nope.

Im sure that all of my family knows. (F)


I drop hints often.
Though they usually do no good since I tend to back out of actually saying I'm "gay" after doing so.

One time I told my mom to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show with me. We did, no idea what she thought though since she didn't know what she just watched with me. I think I was 15 or something.

Then just little things that some might pick up, or not. I think some co-workers have over the past few months as I'm making it more obvious. (J)

By the looks of it I've got it pretty good. My rents just make coy remarks cuz they're obsessed with making sure I feel loved (awww :) ) whether I'm gay or not...It can get pretty annoying after awhile (ok, side story: I made a side comment a few days ago that I would be intersted in working in fashion, and my mom emailed my cousin, who emailed her back saying he knew some buyers and could get me conected. So that email was on sat, and since then, without fail, she has reminded me about it everytime we sit down together...ya kno, wierd stuff like that), but really its a good thing...Oh and when ppl (ex: coaches) see me hanging out with girls: "is she your girlfriend?" or "where's your girlfriend today?" Me: Wha?? ohh, ya she's not... oh whatever... Embarassed (N)


I'm pretty sure most parents would freak out in a bad way. i know my mom difinately would i cant believe all ur parents are cool about that kind of thing. (B)


It really can vary. Some wouldn't care because they are up in the world. Others hang back. *lol* Some I've heard of are sooo in denial their son/daughter could be found pashing a same sex member and they'd find some way to explain it. You know, like the old : "Does X have something in their eye and you were helping them? How good of you, dear. Keep the quips and stories rolling guys. Plz! *image of boy on knees begging*" (A)


Don't know if this would be considered a "dropped hint" story, but anyways;
At work i was trying to get the picture across to them that I was gay. They would keep sending me over to the cute girl customers with comments like "Go get a piece of THAT action" or "Go gettum!"
Later when I told them I was gay and not looking to date any girls they simply said "ya, we figured, but your the only one with even a remote chance of getting their numbers" Undecided (A)


Semi distant family member (over the phone, most of them live in NY): You have any girlfriends yet?
Me: Nope
Fam: good man, they're nothing but trouble
Me: Don't I know it ;]  (N)


"so you have a girlfriend?"- aunt
"Uh no."
"You gota boyfriend?"
"Are you bisexual"
"well no"
"so your gay, i knew it."
"nice paint job on the house.. uhh whens dinner?" (M)

to be continued....

ChadzBoyz Coming Out MOM: "Why no girlfriend?"