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Close Friends

Do you wear a hat? Maybe to keep you warm in winter? Or for your job? To look good? For playing hockey or riding a bicycle? Or because all your friends wear baseball caps?
Hats continued to be popular until the 1960s, when they underwent a steady decline due to the anti-establishment wave which swept the world at this time. Over the past twenty years, however, hats have regained enormous popularity, due to popular culture's taste for "retro" styles, bringing our culture into a new "golden age" of headwear with the "baseball" cap leading the way. Cowboy hats are also very popular
Hats express things about their wearers. They stand out and frame the face — the most expressive part of the body. Some hats are practical, like the hard hat; some are symbolic, like the mountie's hat; and some hats are both, like the baseball cap.
Today knit headware is becoming very popular and this category includes knit hats, knit beanies, knit toques, and knit scarfes.

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Men of the mid 19th century wanted to add some some color to their drab fashions giving rise to the watch chain with all of its attachments, along with studs, cravat pins, flower holders, cuff-links and special dress buttons. Today items of choice include the necklace, bracelet, earrings and various body piercings and a wide assortment of body jewelry.

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Buddies Forever

The Puritans who left Britain for the New World believed buttons to actually be sinful, and popularized the use of cheap belt and belt buckles (even today some groups like the Amish still hold fast-no pun intended--to the idea that buttons are inappropriate). Two centuries later, we value belt buckles for much more than their utility to keep our pants from falling down. Indeed, today belt buckles serve as a creative means of self-expression. What a long, strange trip it's been for the belt and the belt buckle.

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