Apr 24
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Welcome to Chadz! Hi and welcome to the new Chadz LGBTQ community, a place for friendship, support, and information for all LGBTQ gay, lesbian, bi and trans teens and their friends and allies and straights everywhere.

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I Need Help Now!
Need a helping hand with an urgent troubling issue? If you are having thoughts of suicide, or just need to talk to someone, please click below and call for help with our list of LGBTQ community resources. It's anonymous, it's 24/7, and it's for you.

Ask Chad for Advice
Thumbs up for Ask Chad!  Have a question about anything "gay"? Problems with abuse, suicide thoughts, coming out, sexual orientation or gay health issues? Ask Chad is here to help with your LGBTQ questions. With over 1800 questions, we probably have one like yours!

ask chad
Hands Up for Safe Sex
Everything you need to know about how to do it safely! We don't advocate sex, especially if you're under the age of majority where you live; but, if you're going to do it, be safe. Our "Everything You Need to Know About "Gay" Teen Sex" series covers it all.

safe practices || infections || your sexuality
Join the Chadz Forum
Have fun and chat with other guys and gals like yourself at our popular Chadz forum! It's a safe, friendly and anonymous place to talk with people your age and get advice and respect. We verify all members and have an active friendly moderator staff. No attitude and no BS!

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Top stories
Russian Gays Hunted for Sport
Tuesday, 11 March 2014
A video of assaults obtained by Human Rights Watch shows gay men cornered by gangs, humiliated, punc...

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Leading stories
Boy Scouts to accept gay youth on Jan 1
The Boy Scouts of America have decided to accept openly gay youths starting on New Year's Day, 2014....
Why Am I Gay?
Survival of the Fabulous Gay filmmaker Bryce Sage has had a big question on his mind ever since h...
Prison Break star comes out nixing Russian invite
Prison Break star Wentworth Miller has revealed he is gay - after turning down an invite to attend a...


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